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Autumn olive.  


Aki goumi. 

Deer plum.  

Lycoberry - Our brand of this unique fruit.  


a sweet, wild-picked, functional ingredient

The newest fruit in the USA,

not acai, not goji, not aronia

The Lycoberry brand of Elaeagnus Umbellata berries

Whole fruit products with sweet-tart taste, no additives

Lycoberries are a functional fruit. That means they deliver all of the nutrition you expect from a wild harvested berry but contain a naturally occurring "something else":
available in 3 convenient forms:
  • individually quick frozen berries
  • flowable puree without seeds
  • ultra low temp dried powder
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“Supplements may give you a purified form of lycopene, but you're not sure you're getting what you get from food. You may be getting the wrong form of lyocpene in a supplement.”

Edward Giovannucci Ph.D, Harvard Quoted by Heidi Godman in Harvard Health Blog, Oct 10, 2012